Where’s All the Fuss?

By: Mr. Wilson on September 8, 2005
I'm a little perplexed that, despite all the media coverage, the University of Nebraska State Museum (aka Morrill Hall) isn't taking more flack for its new "Explore Evolution" exhibit, especially considering the near-simultaneous surge in media coverage of Intelligent Design. When I first found out about the exhibit several months ago -- a fellow bus rider works at the museum and he helped to put together the exhibit -- I predicted the Journal Star would overflow with letters to the editor condemning the godless heathens in Morrill Hall. Instead I've heard nary a peep. Lincoln has its fair share of Bible strict interpretationists, as we've seen countless times on the Journal Star's opinion page. Where have they been?


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Mr. T
September 9, 2005 at 2:18AM

They have been writing in to the LJS enmasse…but the gay, marxist liberal editors there have neglected to publish them. I know because Ann Coulter told me so.

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