Traffic Shall Flow on O Tomorrow

By: Mr. Wilson on December 6, 2013
Seventeen years ago tomorrow The Missus and I had our first date. We went out for lunch after marching in the Star City Holiday Parade. Alas, the parade is now dead, a victim of changing times and lacking funds. So what can a person find to do in Lincoln this weekend? Whole Foods fans can get a jump start on next Wednesday's grand opening by hanging out at the store's block party tomorrow in the parking lot (brrr!) and enjoying "chili, chowder, and cheer". Lunch is available for a suggested donation of $5, with proceeds benefiting Food Bank of Lincoln. Christmas trees ($50) and wreaths ($10) will also be available, as will a s'mores station. On the sports side of things, don't miss the Husker volleyball team as they compete in the first round of the NCAA playoffs. Somehow Coach Cook has taken a young, inexperienced team and turned them into a contender. Keep an eye on these ladies, this year and beyond. What other suggestions do you have for activities this weekend?


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