Tips for the Visitors Bureau

By: Mr. Wilson on May 21, 2009
I was browsing the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau website this morning and I came across an annoyance: when I went to the calendar, it was difficult to tell what is happening today. It is difficult for two reasons. First, a whole bunch of the events have already ended. Don't show me those! At least, not by default. Second, ongoing events are listed together with one-day-only events. Although that makes to some degree -- both types of events are happening on any given day, after all -- I've always preferred the two types of events be listed separately, or at least be visually distinctive. Ongoing and one-day-only events tend to be very different types of events. Thus, separating the two is a valuable service for the user. Actually, that brings me to the LCVB's Friday Fast Facts document.. I don't know about you, but the name "Friday Fast Facts" is pretty meaningless to me. As it turns out, it consists of two parts. The first page is a very handy summary of "big" events happening on any given weekend. The rest is a chart of all the other events going on. Who knew? I get the feeling whoever named "Friday Fast Facts" was more worried about alliteration than actually telling the user that this is a really handy service. Naming aside, the user shouldn't have to download a PDF to get the weekend summary. That stuff should be available right on the website. Speaking of the calendar of events, is that data exportable in any way? It doesn't appear so, but it should be. Anybody and everybody should be able to pluck that data directly from the LCVB and insert it into their own website, or their calendar, or wherever they want. Along another line, I don't think I have heard of Lincoln 101 but now I want to attend. The purpose: "The mission of LINCOLN 101 is to educate front-line employees on what there is to do and see in Lincoln, that they can in return, inform visitors to Lincoln of the great attractions our city has to offer." I'm not exactly the target audience, but I'm close. I'll have to get in on that next time around. What tips or requests do you have for the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau?


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