Theft by Nebraska

By: Mr. Wilson on March 31, 2009
Would you be surprised to learn that it is legal for the State of Nebraska to steal cash from you without convicting you of anything or even charging you with a crime, and without any legal due process? All the government needs is a "belief" that the cash was gained illegally. They don't need proof, and they don't need to take you to court. They can literally gather up your money and walk away. Which is odd, because I thought there were rules about that sort of thing.


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March 31, 2009 at 5:56PM

This is similar to what Rudy Giuliani did several years ago in NYC.  People arrested (NOT convicted) of drunk driving lost their cars to the City of New York.

I certainly hope the Neb. Supreme Court reverses this decision.  Due process is fundamental to our system of government.

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