The Fourth Platform

By: Mr. Wilson on August 6, 2013
Sorry belly floppers, but a competition just for you at Mahoney State Park has been cancelled for "safety reasons". Lame! Or is it? How many of you who grew up in Lincoln heard the urban legend about the mythical "fourth platform" at Woods Pool? The story went that there used to be a significantly higher diving platform, but it was removed after a girl jumped off, did a belly flop, and her belly split open, spilling her innards into the pool? Gory, I know, but we elementary schoolers ate that stuff up. The story made the rounds every summer swimming season. Needless to say, it provided all the support I needed to restrict my jumps to the lower boards. Apparently these days the pool has to worry about impacts of another kind. Warning: do not try this at your local pool.


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