The Bubble Bursting Isn’t All Bad

By: Mr. Wilson on September 27, 2006
There seems to be at least one positive side to the slowing of home sales in Lincoln: homes for sale that are in need of a facelift are getting just that. I can think of three houses just in my neighborhood that, thanks to a couple weekends' worth of work, now look like they're worth thousands more than before. I don't know what shape the insides are in, but hey, I'm just glad the yards look groomed and the exteriors have been fixed up.


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September 27, 2006 at 9:08PM

I’m noticing it in my neighborhood too. Down the street there’s a house that at one time had a giant hole in the roof. The hole was there for an entire year, and I thought for sure the house would be condemmed and replaced by an ugly prefab house. But it’s being fixed up, and a new basement is being poured.

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