That’s Still an Awfully Big Hole

By: Mr. Wilson on July 24, 2009
Even after a few budgeting gimmicks, Lancaster Manor still faces a $1.8 million hole. Ouch. The two proposed solutions at this point? Chop staff by approximately 45, or raise taxes. I find it really difficult to believe that a joint like Lancaster Manor can axe over 10% of its workforce and still run a good operation. For example, how many of the Manor's indicators [health | staff | quality | fire] are going to improve with a smaller, more stressed staff working with a tighter operating budget? (See more information about all Lincoln-area nursing homes. But always take U.S. News rankings with a grain of salt. They rate crime in Lincoln as "high", for example, which any reasonable analysis will prove to be false. Sometimes numbers lie.) I suspect we're looking at a tax increase. Are we OK with that? Are we OK with Lancaster Manor inching up our property tax rates, rather than letting a private company take on the task? I'm not loading the questions at all. I'm really curious where Lancaster County residents want to draw the line, if we want to draw one at all. I, for one, feel like we still don't have full information about exactly why Lancaster Manor is hemorrhaging cash, and if anything can be done about it. I want more data, and hopefully somebody (Mike Foley?) can provide it.


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July 24, 2009 at 2:48PM

I’m a big fan of privatization, but that company that they’ve been looking at does not have the caliber of track record that would make me want to take that deal. Certainly a stronger company would be out there.

I still think the ambulance services would be better in the hands of private enterprise rather than LFD. I don’t think we need another fiasco like that on our hands.

July 24, 2009 at 3:34PM

I want more data, and hopefully somebody (Mike Foley?) can provide it.
Sounds like that should come fairly soon. He has a good group working for him, so I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

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