That’ll Happen

By: Mr. Wilson on January 16, 2014
Skeeter Barnes is no more. Not only has the restaurant closed (boo!) but the building has been bulldozed as well. I'm going to miss that place. But enough mourning. The rumor mill says a Chick-fil-a is going into that spot. Apparently that's super exciting. The whole CFA experience is a bit underwhelming to me, but to each their own. But that's just a rumor anyway, so don't get your hopes up. Speaking of rumors, maybe they'll put a Costco in there. It's a nice, in-town location that's much easier to get to than the Sam's on 87th. Lincolnites would go nuts for a Costco. Or maybe a Cheesecake Factory or PF Chang's. I could see either one of those going over well. Lincoln's average BMI would shoot up a full point within a year. Or heck, as long as we're dreaming, maybe the City Council will end its decades of anti-competitive policies and we'll wind up with a nice 24 screen theater. If there's anything Lincoln needs, it's more places to buy $6 Junior Mints. It could happen.


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January 16, 2014 at 9:16AM

We should know soon enough? I think I read where the landowner has a plan and this isn’t just a spec deal where he’s prepping the site with the belief that he can land a more profitable deal than what he had with Skeeter? Assuming that’s true, and considering how quickly things seem to be moving, now that the deconstruction’s done, new construction should commence fairly soon. There’s gotta be a building permit filed one of these days.

Oh the disappointment if it turns out to be a car wash or a quick lube or a cell phone shop.

January 16, 2014 at 9:35AM

I honestly don’t know if that intersection can safely handle another fast food place. The McDonalds creates enough problems there as it is.

January 17, 2014 at 12:45PM

Honestly, you can blame Paramount and Sony, etc, for your 6.00 junior mints. When the theater has to guarantee that they only get 0-5% of the ticket per seat cost for sometimes a month or more before the movie distributor will even allow them to show it first run, what do you expect? The local building has to keep the lights on and employees paid, too.

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