TGI Labor Day

By: Mr. Wilson on September 5, 2005
Reffing college soccer games is great, but boy can it wipe you out. I reffed three games this weekend, and if today weren't Labor Day I would have been one worthless employee today. On Saturday I worked a mens game at Doane College in Crete. The two guys I worked with were great. As a bonus, the esteemed Jimmy Norris tagged along to assess the crew. Actually, it was the center referee who was being assessed as part of his effort to become a national referee, but assessors always give feedback to the whole crew. Save for one minor brain fart -- my brain froze up on me and I delayed way too long on one call as a result -- Jimmy said I did very well. Cool. Oh by the way, Doane ended up losing 2-1 to Newman College. Yesterday turned into an 11-hour work day. I left the house at 10:45am, and I didn't get home until right around 10:00pm. Ugh. I had a mens and womens game up in Sioux City, Iowa, at Briar Cliff College. For some reason I didn't work lunch into my plans, so all I had in my gut before the games were a PB&J and 32 ounces of Gatorade. Real smart, I know, especially with temps in the lower 90's. The games went fine. Briar Cliff won the womens game fairly easily. The mens game not only started 20 minutes late, it went into extra time. That, combined with a bunch of stoppages for injuries and various discipline problems, made the game last nearly three hours. Briar Cliff eventually won that game as well. When I finally got some food after the game I opted for chicken McNuggets, a big bag of chili cheese Fritos, and a Sprite. I had dessert when I got home: Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Can you tell I really crave salt after I exercise? I fell asleep on the floor in the living room after I had settled in a bit at home. I think I could have slept there all night, except for one little thing. Around 11:30pm, a very strange sensation yanked me from my slumber. I was so tired, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong. And then I jerked upright. No matter how much I love my dog, I do not care to be awakened by her licking my lips. Ew. I guess that was her polite way of saying "I would like you to let me out to pee, take off my collar, and open the bedroom door so I can crawl into my bed and go to sleep." Message received. I then proceeded to sleep until 10:17am this morning, totalling about 11.5 hours of sleep time. I haven't slept that long in a long, long while. I'll tell you what, it felt gooood. My day so far has been pretty relaxed, primarily because my body is too fatigued to do much of anything. I grabbed some fresh veggies out of the garden, whipped up a tasty lunch (sauteed green pepper, anaheim chile, kung pao chile, zucchini, garlic, worcestershire sauce, and soy sauce on top of rice), and practiced my trumpet. Eventually I need to take Daisy for a walk and (irk) mow the lawn. The former will happen; the latter, well, I'm not making any guarantees.


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Minnesota Nut
September 5, 2005 at 10:09PM

You’re lazy.

Mr. T
September 6, 2005 at 2:54AM

At least you got some exercise. I was sick all weekend, sleeping irregularly, etc., and still feel like crap. Got absolutely nothing productive done. What a nice way to spend a holiday.

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