Ten Places to Take a Date For a Walk

By: Mr. Wilson on July 18, 2013
...and What They Say About You Sunken Gardens You are romantic and thoughtful. Walk slowly and stop at least once to sit on a bench or planter edge. There will be bugs; react to them with patience or indifference, unless your date likes the vulnerable, weenie type. Find an opportunity to surreptitiously snip off a flower that you can slide behind your date's ear. Playfully pretending to push your date into the water says you are fun; actually pushing your date into the water says you take things too far. Holmes Lake Dam You want to have a long chat in a place that's visible but generally private. You like the idea of nature but you don't want your nature too natural. You enjoy people-watching from afar. Cornhusker Highway You have a strong desire to throw yourself and/or your date in front of a semi. UNL City Campus If you are in college, it says your car is out of gas and you're too broke to pay for an activity today. If you are older it says you're in the mood to reminisce. The wider variety of highlights you see, the more well-rounded you appear. Always finish by sitting with your feet in the water in Union Plaza whenever possible. Pioneers Park You want to go for a walk in nature, but with the predictability of solid, well-maintained paths. Stopping to play frisbee for a while says that you want to test your date's sporting abilities. Remembering to bring a few slices of stale bread to feed the geese shows that you plan ahead; tearfully fleeing a pursuing goose shows that you're not quite as into nature as you thought you were. Finish the walk with a stop at the ice cream hut on Coddington and West Van Dorn, but don't spend the entire time complaining about how expensive it is. Gateway Mall You are fifteen. SouthPointe You are fifteen and your parents paid for that Cold Stone you both just ate. Downtown You're just passing time until the next activity. You don't have any real plan for your journey, you're just wandering aimlessly. You enjoy distractions and you don't mind noise and a wee bit of chaos. Haymarket You have romantic intent and you want everybody to know it. Tonight you are all about seeing and being seen. A stop for photos with The Watchful Citizen exposes your quirky side. Accompanying the walk with ice cream from Ivanna Cone shows you care for your date; yogurt from Cherry On Top says you're cheap. Wilderness Park You plan to explore your date's entire body for ticks later.


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Jesse T
July 18, 2013 at 4:07PM

Thanks for this guide, I’ll have to use this!  I’d love to know what you have to say about The new union plaza area (20th and O) park.

And tierra park (great trail and still in the city)

And williamsburg village park/lake.

And Stransky park.  (and all the ones around it)

Gah this city has so many great parks!!!

July 18, 2013 at 4:47PM

So, that Wilderness Park scenario describes one of my first dates with my husband.  We went out hiking through the wetlands.  I found two ticks crawling on me afterward, and after a minor freakout, made him comb through my hair.  I guess it didn’t scare him off!

July 23, 2013 at 8:22PM

Just discovered this and am dying laughing! You’re such a great author! As a lover of Lincoln - I applaud you and all of your efforts on this site! Thank you for creating such a fun place!!

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