Taking Lincoln’s Pulse

By: Mr. Wilson on January 24, 2014
A coalition of many of Lincoln's charitable organizations has released a new report called Vital Signs. It contains data about the City in seven key areas: Community Profile, Economy and Workforce, Basic Needs, Education, Health, Safety, and Community Involvement and Culture. The report was created to provide Lincolnites with key information that helps illustrate how Lincoln is doing well -- and how it isn't. Understanding where Lincoln and Lincolnites are slipping is critical. We often hear about the latest Top 10 list that features Lincoln, and that's great. But we're a community of over a quarter million people, and many of us aren't doing so hot. As GI Joe told us, knowing about these things is half the battle. I encourage you to browse through the report. Which facts surprise you? Did the report get anything wrong? Hat tip: Nikkidemas


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