By: Mr. Wilson on April 27, 2006
The Missus and I grabbed a quick bite at Skeeter Barnes last night before helping a couple friends move. My meal, the three meat combo, was excellent. The shredded pork was flavorful, the brisket was tender, and the chicken was tasty as always. The Missus, however, was "underwhelmed" by her salad. I'm not a salad guy, but her lettuce looked like something I'd add to our compost heap. She also said the chicken it was topped with was "hard". I don't know how chicken gets hard, but I suspect that's not a good thing. We actually wonder if management (and/or ownership) has changed. Skeeter's has taken a step down a notch or two over the past few months. Although my food was excellent this time, on our two previous trips I was unimpressed. There seems to have been a staff turnover recently, because many of the faces we had come to recognize over the years are now conspicuously absent. The staff that are there today are adequate, but they didn't seem to have been as well trained as one might hope. And the manager on duty (or at least a guy who acted like a manager) struck me as a bit of a bully. The staff members he interacted with were visibly uncomfortable. I should make one thing clear: these are just impressions, and they may have no basis in reality. It's entirely possible that Skeeter's is still the same restaurant The Missus and I have come to love over the years, and that this recent "down" period is in fact nothing more than the bad luck of catching the restaurant on a couple rare off days. Likewise with the management. That can happen. In fact, I hope that's the case. We'll see.


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May 19, 2006 at 7:53PM

Brent, I am the owner of Skeeter Barnes and we haven’t changed ownership. We have had the same management team in place for 7 months now. I appreciate your comments and take such information to heart and am truly concerned that you have had a less than perfect experience at Skeeter’s. That is our goal.  I have always enjoyed and appreciated your positive comments about my restaurant in the past

We strive to keep our server staff college students, to keep a fresh face and allow the flexible schedule to work with their classes.  The down side is that on occation we have a faily high exidus towards the end of the year and around exams, and of course every three to four years.

I appreciate your comments at the end of your review and I hope that your next experience is much better.

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