Seven Days a Week

By: Mr. Wilson on January 29, 2007
I ended up working all weekend, right up until 11:30pm last night. I even missed out on dinner at my parents' house last night. I don't particularly enjoy missing out on the family time that locking oneself in one's office requires, but I do love pushing myself away from the keyboard at the end and saying "I'm finished, and it's good." This weekend's project involved developing some website member management solutions for a client in Canada. (One of two clients from Canada, actually. Apparently the "Eh Team" from up north has a thing for Nebraskans.) The project was nice in that it was difficult but doable, and I learned from it some lessons that I can apply to future projects. As it turns out I underbid the project (by about 30%), but with just a little work I should be able to repackage some of the elements into a sellable product to more than make up the difference. I'm not crazy about working seven days a week, but it's going to take that kind of effort for a while if I want my web development stuff to go anywhere. And I do. I really, really do. I would love to be able to do this stuff full-time...


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