Return of the King

By: Mr. Wilson on April 25, 2013
Remember King's? Of course you do. It's a Lincoln icon! Except, well ... I suppose it has been gone for what, a decade now? Longer? King's was a longtime fixture in the Lincoln dining scene. There were a few around town at one point. The last location was at 9th and South, now the site of an Auto Zone and a KFC. King's was a 50's diner with all the staples: chili cheese dogs; milkshakes served with the tin; green rivers; and, of course, cheese frenchees. But why bring up King's now? Check out this Facebook post: image Could it be true? Could King's really be back on the menu in Lincoln? I'm eager to see where this goes. I have many fond memories of King's, many of which feature the food and service -- two things that can easily be brought back in a reboot. On the other hand, recreating an original is extremely difficult. Impossible, even. They can't do any worse than Amigo's, I suppose, but that's setting the bar at ground level. Their only real competition within the same theme (sort of) is Don and Millie's, so there's certainly an opportunity to fill a gap in the market if they do it right. How would you do a new King's in Lincoln? Where would you put it? I've long thought that Don and Millie's would do well with a location on North 27th Street -- perhaps King's could get there first? Hat tip: Jack Mitchell. EDIT: Jack Mitchell has confirmed [Facebook] that King's is opening in July at 1st and O in the former Mr. Goodcents building. That's an, umm, interesting location choice.


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April 26, 2013 at 3:14PM

I read Jack’s update today. Dude is already planning on 3-4 locations in LNK plus a food truck. Slow your roll, there, buddy. Get one up and running, and do a kick-ass job with it, before you worry about global domination. There’s my free advice for the day.

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