Qilin Out

By: Mr. Wilson on December 10, 2013
File this under Completely Unsurprising News: On Sunday I noticed that Qilin looked awfully vacant. Sure enough, Grow Lincoln has confirmed (Facebook link) that it's closed for good. I more or less predicted as much in my review back in March. Among other problems, the location was suspect and the space was far too large. Twas a classic case of small restaurateurs biting off more than they could chew. Too bad; I could really go for a bowl of the carmelized pork and eggs right about now. Along with Qilin we also recently lost Skeeter Barnes, for reasons that aren't totally clear. A manager told The Missus that they had lost their lease. Another source of mine suggested that wasn't true. All I know is The Missus won't be getting their white chicken chili any time soon, and I'll definitely miss their pork, brisket, and ribs. Also gone: the Applebee's Downtown. I'm definitely not one to mourn the demise of an Applebee's except that I do have one fond memory of that place. I ate there with The Missus (when she was still The Girlfriend) and my parents on the evening of December 8, 2001. In addition to being the night of the Cornhusker Marching Band's post-season Highlights Concert, it was also the evening that Eric Crouch was awarded the Heisman Trophy. The place was packed, but it was dead silent (and still) as the announcement was about to be made. When they said Crouch's name the place erupted. On the other side of things, apparently Tanner's Bar & Grill is open at 30th and Yankee Hill. Mr. @TasteOfLincoln says the wings are incredible. I haven't had a chance to get there (or to about a dozen other restaurants I need to try) just yet. I'm still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that there's development south of Yankee Hill Road. My behind-the-times brain still remembers when the Applebee's opening south of Old Cheney was a huge deal. My how things have changed.


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December 10, 2013 at 3:42PM

We were at an office Christmas party at the Val’s on Holdrege during the Crouch announcement. Same thing - someone had a radio on, and you could hear a pin drop, then the place erupted.

In 1992 or so, I moved into an apartment on Old Cheney and worked near Old Cheney Road. A co-worker built a house just north of Pine Lake, and I couldn’t fathom anyone living that far south. They when the apartments sprang up at about 38th and Pine Lake, on the south side of the road, I couldn’t see people living that far south, either. Shortly after that, we built a house south of there, and we now attend church south of Yankee Hill Road.

This will again show my age, but when I was in college, there was still a stop sign - no light, at 27th and Old Cheney, and I am not 100% sure that Old Cheney was paved yet. The old HyVee at 40th and Old Cheney and the Trade Center seemed wildly on the edge of existence, and the “Lincoln City Limit” sign was just south of where Misty’s sits on 40th Street.

Mr. Wilson
December 10, 2013 at 3:53PM

Old Cheney was paved before HyVee went in at 40th and Old Cheney. I remember when we stopped shopping at Food4Less (48th and Pioneers) and started shopping at the fancy new HyVee.

December 10, 2013 at 4:01PM

When I was in elementary I definitely remember cornfields south of HWY 2. There was a horse in that field by the church by 13th & Arapahoe.

In other restaurant news bar/restaurant for sale. http://lincoln.craigslist.org/bfs/4225760063.html

Mr. Wilson
December 10, 2013 at 5:02PM

I remember that horse! It was sort of Lincoln’s version of Peter Rabbit.

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