Move Along, Nothing to See Here

By: Mr. Wilson on September 12, 2005
If I weren't so blasted tired I'd post something more interesting. I have a few good article ideas in my head, for example. Instead, I'm just going to recap my weekend. On Friday evening I ate with my family at Vincenzo's. They make a mean penne diavolo. I enjoy the atmosphere at Vincenzo's, but the quality of our service was nothing to brag about. It wasn't bad, but for a place like Vincenzo's I expect service above that which I could find a couple doors down at Old Chicago. Our waitress was really nice, though. Oh by the way, what's the deal with being charged for pop refills? Nobody charges for refills any more! We weren't even told we were being charged; the waitress asked if we wanted refills in a way that strongly implied they were free. We followed up dinner with dessert at Ivana Cone. My shake -- half butter brickle, half vanilla ice milk, plus caramel -- was outstanding. I love that place. On Saturday morning I got a little yard work done. In the afternoon The Missus and I played with Death By Brass at The N Zone for a couple hours before the Husker game. I had to take off early to get to a Creighton men's soccer game at beautiful Creighton Soccer Complex. I ended up having a fairly easy evening as AR2, although I nearly had to run onto the field to assist the center referee during a little skirmish in the first half. I didn't end up getting home until after 10:00pm, at which point I ate some buffalo wings and watched parts of the Husker game. Today Daisy woke me up a little before 8:00am. I took her for a walk on our usual weekend route along Beal Slough. I picked a few veggies in the garden, and then I had to leave for Wayne, Nebraska, where I had to ref a women's soccer game at 1:00pm. We listened to the Husker volleyball game as Nebraska beat Penn State 30-14, 30-27, 30-23. For some reason the guy driving didn't want to listen to the AM broadcast, so we had to deal with the FM signal cutting in and out every time we went up and down Nebraska's rolling hills. Fast forward a couple hours, and here I am. I think 9:30pm sounds like a good bedtime tonight. Not that I ever stick to my ideal bedtimes. Ten bucks says I actually head to bed at 10:15pm.


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