Meet the New Boss(es), Same as the Old Boss(es)?

By: Mr. Wilson on May 19, 2009
Lincoln's newest City Council members were sworn in yesterday. Jayne Snyder, Gene Carroll and Adam Hornung pushed out Dan Marvin, Robin Eschliman, and Ken Svoboda. What does that mean for us? We now have four Democrats and three Republicans on the nonpartisan Council, rather than the previous three and four, so in theory there may be a shift in trends in local public policy decisions. Practically speaking, however, I don't anticipate any huge changes. The new Council's first big task will be figuring out the City budget. Good luck with that! Hopefully they don't spend too much time fighting about libraries and are instead able to deal with the larger challenges presented by this and subsequent budgets. Other big upcoming decisions include: the proposed arena, toward which we have already invested many community resources; and major core infrastructure needs, sidelined too long in part by the Antelope Valley Project. What changes do you expect we will see under this City Council? What will be their largest challenges over the next four years?


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