Media Bias in Action

By: Mr. Wilson on February 17, 2005
This is a pretty minor example of media bias, but one paragraph in this article caught my eye:
While many parents criticized the badges for violating privacy and possibly endangering children's health, some parents supported the plan. [emphasis added]
Did you notice it? The article's author is obviously against the badges, and he wants you to think he's in the majority. He (she? it?) used the word "many" to describe parents critical of the badges, but "some" to describe the parents in support of the plan. "Many" typically implies a greater number than "some." That wouldn't be a problem, of course, if the author quantified "many" and "some." He doesn't. Not only does the author not give any numbers, he doesn't give the reader any reason to suggest that he has even the slightest idea which side has more supporters. All we know from the article is that Dawn Cantrall is one of the "many," while Mary Brower is one of the "some." Looks like a 50/50 split, to me. Like I said, this is a pretty minor nit to pick. Still, it's enough to get me to add a new category to the blog: Media Watch.


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