Little Ditty ‘Bout Jack and June

By: Mr. Wilson on July 11, 2013
A while back when The Missus and I dined at Bread & Cup we had the chance to chat with owner Kevin Shinn. One of the topics we touched on was the arena being built a mere block from his front door. "Are you excited?", I asked. "Yes, but not for the reason you might think." Mr. Shinn explained to us that he was excited for all the extra bodies in the neighborhood not because they represented a huge boom in business, but because they meant that he could be pickier about his customers. He had learned over time that he couldn't make Bread & Cup exactly what he wanted it to be because there weren't enough customers who shared his vision. He compromised on a few things because, well, the alternative was to go out of business. Thanks to the arena and its related development, more bodies in the area means less compromise. The customers win because there will be more restaurants with more specific target audiences. Shinn and other area business owners win because they can narrow their businesses' scope (if they choose to). With that in mind, I was very pleased to read that Shinn is opening a new restaurant in The Railyard called Jack & June's. It's fantastic that a local small restaurant owner feels comfortable enough to run not only one business that reflects a vision of his, but two, and in a very competitive space. I can't wait to see what Kevin Shinn and Jack & June's have to offer.


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