Lincoln’s Resolutions for 2013

By: Mr. Wilson on January 2, 2013
Everybody else is making resolutions this year, so why shouldn't Lincoln? Here are five resolutions for Lincoln in 2013. Fix food truck regulations. Led by Heoya's pretty pink pig, Lincoln has seen a food truck revolution of sorts. Unfortunately, archaic laws continue to make these entrepreneurs' jobs harder than they should be. Lincoln needs to stop talking and start acting to improve the climate for food trucks in the city. The result will benefit small businesses and local bellies. Support the arena. We built it, but will anybody come? The Pinnacle Bank Arena is scheduled to open this fall. Lincolnites should resolve to support the arena and its West Haymarket environs by attending events, dining out, and so forth. That likely won't be difficult in the short term, but can we keep it up? That's a resolution for 2014 and beyond. Slash water usage. 2012's drought hammered Lincoln's water supplies. The long-term precipitation forecast for 2013, as it presently stands, isn't particularly optimistic. Lincolnites need to get smarter about our water usage. And not just residential or industrial customers -- commercial property owners largely failed to support the spirit of last summer's water restrictions, even if they did (mostly) follow the letter. Get a Costco. We've flirted with the rumors for far too long. Lincoln wants a Costco so let's get ourselves a Costco. It's that simple, right? Explore. I recently spoke with a long-time Lincolnite who claimed to be a fan of local Mexican cuisine, but he had never heard of El Chapparro. Another 15-year resident had no idea what The Missus meant when she wanted to meet at 84th and Cornhusker Highway. Lincoln isn't a very large place, but its residents have a habit of sticking to the same old parts of town, shopping at the same old places, eating at the same old restaurants. Lincolnites need to get out and explore. Hit up an art walk. Go to a concert at a new venue. Take the dog for a walk at a different park. What resolutions would you add to Lincoln's list?


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Deborah Yost
January 2, 2013 at 3:34PM

I agree with the above except for the Arena, I thought it was a bad idea then and I think its a bad idea now.

Lincolnites need to discover NE Lincoln. All due respect to South Pointe and Near South, great things are there - but Havelock, University Place and Bethany are unique gems of neighborhoods full of fiercely independent businesses who provide topnotch goods and services at excellent prices.

LES needs to go green, and we need to start greening up local businesses by providing incentives to install and use clean energy technologies.

Also the community garden movement and farmers markets need more support fro more people.

January 2, 2013 at 3:54PM

I agree, in part, with the arena.  I still have some very strong opinions about why I am against it, but until the start adding events and showcasing the prices that go with them, I reserve a small portion of my opinion.  We’ll see how out of reach those events are to the average household.

My resolutions… Lincoln getting 56th street between Old Cheney & Pine Lake updated, widened and repaved.

Getting StarTran to add a bus line that runs anywhere near 56th and Pine Lake.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of either of those things happening are slim.

January 3, 2013 at 1:22PM

I supported the arena and it’s been a resounding success so far. Stimulus for the local economy, locked up state basketball, and made it likely that we get state volleyball and wrestling back. We had to build a new civic arena, Pershing is an atrocity, and we did it during the cheapest possible time of the last 30 years.

-New Year’s Resolution: Start a weekend music festival at Pinewood Bowl.

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