It’s Already Time for Districts

By: Mr. Wilson on April 30, 2009
The high school soccer season has flown by, and it's already time for Districts. District assignments came out yesterday (boys, girls). Wild card points are always a hot topic this time of year. On the boys side, it looks like any Lincoln team that wants a trip to State will need to win its District. Southwest and East are 6th and 7th, respectively, so although they certainly aren't locked out of a shot at a wildcard, the way this season has gone in Class A, they're best off getting the job done at Districts. Pius X isn't sitting too bad at #4 in Class B, except that South Sioux City and Columbus are #1 and #2, and they're both in the same District. One of those two is very likely to secure the wild card. On the girls side Southeast and Southwest are sitting pretty well at #2 and #4. They oughtn't rest easy, of course, but generally Class A girls have been more predictable than the boys this year so LSE and LSW are a bit safer. In Class B you have to go way down to #9 to find Pius X, the first Lincoln team. There's no free ride for them. Overall the toughest District in the state appears to be B-4 on the boys side (Blair, Columbus, Columbus Lakeview, Columbus Scotus, Schuyler, South Sioux City). There are a lot of uncertainties, though. This is perhaps the widest-open field I've seen in my career. Lots of teams have a good shot at going all the way -- and I'm not just saying that.


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