Four More Years

By: Mr. Wilson on November 13, 2013
I was surprised to read this headline this morning, which suggested that Mayor Chris Beutler may run for a third term. In a political landscape littered with term limits, I assumed Lincoln's mayor was limited to eight years. Apparently not. If Beutler chooses to run again he'd be an oddity; no Lincoln mayor has served more than two terms. It's still plenty early, but I suppose now's as good a time as any to start thinking about whether or not Chris Beutler should hang around a while longer, or whether any mayor should stick around for 12 years (or more). Generally speaking I'm not a big term limits fan, so a third term doesn't bother me. If Beutler has done a good job and if he has plans that resonate with the community, let the man keep doing his thing. Those are a couple import "ifs". I may be reading the community wrong, but I think most Lincolnites would give him a grade of B or better for his job so far. History may or may not be so kind after we figure out how well the Arena and West Haymarket do. What do you think about Beutler serving a third term? Should any mayor have that many years in office? Has Beutler earned it?


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