Firefox Go Boom

By: Mr. Wilson on February 16, 2005
Firefox just crashed! That's only the second time that has happened to me. This time, as last time, there was no apparent cause. Only 6,346 more times until it surpasses IE's total. When that happens I will gladly switch to IE. (I almost wrote "I will gladly switch back to IE." Then I remembered that I have never used IE as my primary browser. I have used it at a couple workplaces because I had to -- which is where I learned to love to hate it -- but I have never used it if given a choice. I used Netscape through versions 3 and 4, tried the absolutely horrible version 6 for about 2 days, switched back to 4.somethinerother, used Opera for a week, moved to Netscape 7, and then hopped on the Firefox [then Firebird] bandwagon at version .7. I'll try IE7 when it comes out because hey, if it's better than the rest I'm not going to spite it in favor of some crappier product. I suspect I won't have to worry about falling out of love with Firefox, though.)


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