Serving Deuel is “a Real Honor”

By: Mr. T on February 22, 2005
As reported by a news channel in Mason City, IA, it appears that Pat's legend continues to grow nationwide: Adam Sodersten MASON CITY, Iowa (KIMT) A man that’s drawing national attention has a tie to a business in our area. Nebraska resident Patrick Deuel recently made headlines after he slimmed his weight from over 1,000 pounds to around 600 pounds. Mason City’s Pat Holt owns a big and tall store. Now, Deuel is buying all of his clothes from Holt. "He found me on the Internet and it's been a real honor serving him. I mean it's great. I feel like I've really accomplished something when I can source things out for those people with those hard to find sizes,” comments Mountain Clothiers owner Pat Holt. For Deuel, that hard to find size was a 10XL available right here in Mason City. Our dedicated research staff will continue to cover this issue and bring you all the news on Pat in Deuel Watch.


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