Computer Woes

By: Mr. Wilson on January 30, 2008
Back in Fall 2006 when I was shopping for a new laptop, I received a lot of advice from a variety of people. By far the most common piece of advice was, "If you're buying a laptop, be sure to get a good warranty. Best. Advice. Evar. My laptop died unexpectedly yesterday. It appears the motherboard went belly-up. I think the hard drive is fine. Fortunately, I have a 3-year, on-site warranty that covers just such a situation, so yesterday I fired up Dell's online tech support. (I could have called tech support, but if I'm going to be on hold, I'd rather be on hold in a chat window than with a phone glued to my ear.) It didn't take long for Jayant to realize he probably couldn't help me. Before we could finish, though, the chat session unexpectedly ended. No worries, within 30 seconds my phone rang. It was Jayant. He asked if it would be ok if his supervisor were to call me within the next two hours. Sure enough, one hour and 59 minutes later (one minute to spare!) Harsimranjit called. He apologized for taking so long to call, but asked if he could call back within 30 minutes. No problem. He called back, informed me Dell would be setting up an on-site visit, and gave me the relevant information. Now I'm just waiting for the tech to call me to set up the time for him to come over. Anyway, long story short I'm back to working on my old computer. And I'm praying that my backups are relatively current so I can get some work done. So how is your week going so far?


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January 30, 2008 at 3:27PM


if you want to read a good story about dell repair go here

Strangely enough I am heading out tonight to get a new laptop.  Not sure if I will extend the warranty though.

Jeff Rapp
January 30, 2008 at 4:08PM

Good read so far, I just had to stop to nitpick a part of the article:

“...and she placed me on hold, where Richard Marx began serenading me about some moronic happening in Hazzard County.”

First off, it Hazard.  Secondly, it’s a town, not a county.  Somebody needs to study their Nebraska geography. 😉

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