Coming Soon: Two Twins and a Hotel

By: Mr. Wilson on July 23, 2009
The Wilsons went to Gateway last night. On the way home I noticed that the hotel near North Cotner and R appears to be nearing completion. In addition, the neighboring strip mall looks to be near the end of its major renovation. Coincidentally, friend o' Lincolnite Nikkidemas dropped me a note late last night to let me know that one of the tenants of the remodeled strip mall -- Two Twins Cafe -- plans to open "in early August". She said she had a chat with the owners, and that "everything is homemade, they'll do breakfast & lunch, & the baker is the old baker from Garden Cafe". To which I have to concur with her summary: "YUM!" I'm still curious about the new hotel's placement, but with three restaurants just outside the front door -- Two Twins Cafe, La Paz, and Patty's Pub -- guests certainly won't go hungry.


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