Clash of the Events

By: Mr. Wilson on August 1, 2013
I mentioned last week that on September 28 I will participate in Walk Now for Autism Speaks on behalf of my nephew, Sam. That event takes place at Haymarket Park. (Donations welcome!) This morning I learned that the autism walk isn't the only event in the area on that Saturday. The Lincoln Industries Cycling Classic is going to take place on the same day, and nearby at the Arena. That could make for an interesting clash of activity, depending on how many people show up for each event and where their respective routes go. I hope the organizers are in contact with one another. On the plus side, it's a sign that people are excited by all the activity going on in the Haymarket area. That's great as long as everybody can share.


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August 1, 2013 at 2:01PM

This whole arena thing is a boondoggle! A debacle! It will never work!

(This never gets old to me)


Mr. T
August 1, 2013 at 5:32PM

There is also the Fuel Up With Color 5K run that day as well, out at Holmes.

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