Bad News / Good News

By: Mr. Wilson on November 18, 2013
The bad news is that all the money spent to improve the 14th and Superior intersection wound up producing something far less effective than what was planned. The good news is that accidents are down since the City neutered the notorious intersection. Hopefully a solution can be found that keeps the intersection flowing at its maximum designed rate, while at the same time the accident rate drops to something much closer to all the other roundabouts in town. Until then, I wonder if the disaster at 14th and Superior will harm other traffic control efforts around the city. For example, consider the area of 14th, Old Cheney, and Warlick. The proposals that have come in for that area are all a little wacky by necessity. Will Lincolnites be less eager to accept one of those solutions because they've become gun shy thanks to the fiasco on the other side of town? And don't forget about the "diverging diamond" on Northwest 48th Street. That's another project that could get drivers in a twist. Maybe we should just be like one of those towns that has removed traffic control devices altogether. That couldn't possibly go wrong.


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November 18, 2013 at 3:05PM

The diverging diamonds look awesome, and they don’t look like they should be that hard to comprehend. I actually use that exchange and look forward to it.

Clearly, at Warlick, the roundabout in the sky is the most favorable option.

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