While Beutler Hits the Issues, Svoboda Hits Below the Belt

By: Mr. Wilson on January 3, 2007
Mayoral candidate Ken Svoboda caused a little trouble recently with a telephone poll that Democrats allege was a campaign maneuver, and thus subject to specific laws. Svoboda's camp says nope, it was just an internal campaign poll. They're probably both right. Apparently one of the questions says Chris Beutler is "friends with Don Wesely", which the Dems perceived as an implied political attack. Svoboda's response: "Since when is that a negative?" Fair enough, Ken, but answer me this: Since when is that relative to this spring's mayoral race? While Chris Beutler has been sticking to the issues, Svoboda wants to be petty. That's one demerit for you, Ken.

Stuck in Traffic

By: Mr. Wilson on January 3, 2007
Yeesh, I had hoped to have several posts up by 8:00am this morning, but a traffic tangle on South 27th Street gave me some unexpected relaxation time on the bus. I'll have some new stuff up soon.
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