An Entire Neighborhood Off the Grid

By: Mr. Wilson on May 28, 2009
I'm glad to see that LES's Sustainable Energy Program has successfully reserved its $1.1 million allotment. The funds are going to nearly 5,000 homes which, combined, will undertake projects that are the rough equivalent of taking 600 homes off the grid. Put another way, it's like an entire neighborhood or two just vanished. Not bad. I think it's interesting how quickly the projects will pay for themselves, assuming the efficiencies estimates and costs are reasonably accurate. Let's say the program didn't exist and these homeowners spent their own money on these various projects. Taking into account LES's rates and an estimate of 7 million kwh/year energy savings, the projects will pay for themselves in a hair over two years. That's a very reasonable timeline to see a return on one's investment. Energy-saving products and technologies, generally speaking, are pretty much at the point where it doesn't make sense not to install them. Did any of you participate in LES's program?


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