Ahh, More Blight

By: Mr. Wilson on January 31, 2008
It has been a while since we've seen a big chunk of land declared blighted in Lincoln. Now we can add nearly a square mile near NW 48th and I-80 to the list of blighted properties. In this case, most of the land is currently dirt. It's difficult to say how perfectly good farmland can be considered dilapidated, but the land does meet the state's definition of blight. As a result, the recently-announced commercial development in that area will be able to take advantage of some nice tax perks. How long will it be before all new developments start seeking blight designations? Sure, some of them might meet the state's definition of blight. But isn't the intent of the law to help spruce up existing portions of the city? Speaking of blight and existing portions of the city, if you haven't been by 9th/10th and South lately, you're in for a shock. The south side of South Street has been cleared out, and construction on the new buildings (an AutoZone and a fast food joint, I believe) has begun. Some people have quibbled over the "quality" of the businesses going in there, but hey, at least somebody is putting money into a stretch of Lincoln that was falling into disrepair.


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