A Solution to Troublesome Teenagers

By: Mr. Wilson on August 25, 2008
It's nice to see the Journal Star run a lengthy article on some of the potential downsides to Nebraska's "safe haven" law. I briefly mentioned the problems back in January. I have a couple questions that maybe some of you can answer for me. Let's take an 18 year-old ward of the state. When he turns 19 and becomes independent, does the state give him anything? Money for college? Help finding a job? Anything at all? I'm pretty sure I've heard that wards of the state don't get much, but it seems like they do get something. I just don't know what. Is it enough that it would actually be advantageous for a poor enough family to exploit as a kind of loophole? Of course that sort of thing is (probably) unlikely. I say "probably" only because no other state is goofy enough to have a law like ours, so it's impossible to know if anybody will take advantage of the odder possibilities our law allows. To me, that uncertainty is good enough reason to tighten up the law. Do we really want to get involved in the bizarre legal hassles that could arise?


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Mr. T
August 25, 2008 at 4:19PM

This actually made a front page story on FOX News’ website a few days ago.

August 25, 2008 at 6:49PM

I think that is an oxymoron

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