Ten (or Eleven) for 2006

December 16, 2006 at 11:19pm By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den


Not necessarily a list of bests or worsts, just a list of memorable items. Expect something from Mr. Wilson later in the weekend.

Tuna salad croissant sandwiches at Highnooners – I think I ate at Highnooners close to 30 times this year, and at least half of those times I ordered their tuna salad sandwiches. Especially good with cucumbers and sprouts. You have to ask them for croissants since its not on their bag menus.

The Pete Ricketts’ media campaign team – I am still convinced they were democrats.

Jogging in Pioneers Park – Walking in Pioneers Park was also pretty cool. Weather was awesome all year around.

Foreign movies – I think I saw less than 8 movies in theaters this year. Coincidentally, my three favorite ones were all foreign films (Borat does not count as a foreign movie by the way). Those were The Proposition, Lady Vengeance, and The Road to Guantanamo. I believe both Lady Vengeance and Guantanamo were actually made in 2005 but had US releases this year. Guantanamo didn’t make it to Lincoln until the opening week of the football season. As far as favorite US film of the year, that has to be Clerks II.

iTunes 7 – Never before has any “entertainment” application caused me as much grief as iTunes 7 has.

Hug It Out Bitch – The Michael Scott quote of the year. Perhaps surpassing the David Brent “there’s been a rape up there” moment.

Stupid Remarks – George Allen, Mel Gibson, Kramer, Rosie O’Donnell, and countless others…Thanks for making 2006 the “Year O’ Racism”.   

Listening to awesome podcasts (or podcasted radio shows) – The best in criticizing, attacking, apologizing, explaining, predicting, analyzing, debating, and just plain and pure whining. A few notables include Filmspotting’s #110 and #129, the Blogher session on racial identity and blogging, M. Ward on All Songs Considered, This American Life #320, and Michael Apted on The Treatment.

Wasting Time Looking at Cool Photo and Food websites and blogs – Like those belonging to Mr. Toledano and Austin Bush.

The Month of June – Yep, the entire month rocked.

Person of the Year - Zinedine Zidane. Gratuitous Zidane youtube tribute/compilation/music video montage here.

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