July 26, 2005 at 3:57am By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den

It is the bane of all MMORPGs: Noobs. Yes, the noobs have hit Guild Wars enmasse. This was evident in my rather poor groupings in the Underworld and Fissure of Woe these past few days. I classify them into several groups:

“Rambos” - Warrior types who charge mobs without notice or without waiting for casters to regain energy, hence pulling groups of mobs to your party for certain death. Usually these are jr high/high school boys living at home with their parents (You can tell because they say stuff like “My Mom’s being a jerk right now.”)

“Leavers” - Any class - You’ve been waiting at the Temple of Ages for 20 minutes to get a team pulled together and finally enter the mission, after a death within the first few minutes, the leaver suddenly states “you guys suck, fuck you” and quits the mission - gotta love those guys. The other type of leaver is the one who joined the group, and five minutes into the mission, suddenly “remembers” that his work shift or class starts in 5 minutes and he has to leave, thus weakening the entire pary.

“Monk Leavers” - A special sub-class of the “Leaver” types - these are healing monks who know that they are a rare and in demand class, and when they think the team play isn’t going exactly the way they would like, suddenly quit the party without notice to go back and join another party.

“Know it alls” - Again, these guys tend to be warriors for some reason - They like to castigate other players for not doing exactly what they think is the right tactic, and back that up with statements like “STFU and stare at my 15k armor - I come here every night.” Even when the party is dead they msg you with “see I told you so” or “you should have done what I said bitch” statements.

“Totally incompetent” - OK everyone has to start somewhere, but when you are going into elite areas like the Underworld, you should avoid people who don’t know simple answers to questions

that they could have easily googled on the internets, like “which guy do I pay to get in?” and “who has favor now?”

Hmmmm. I am hoping this doesn’t become a trend at the Temple of Ages. It may be that this is the bane of Guild Wars as the downside of a non-grinding MMORPG where the experienced players stay in. I am waiting to see if the D&D or Middle Earth MMORPGs offer anything new. 

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Steve July 26, 2005 at 9:04pm

Don’t look at me.  I haven’t even installed it yet.  Instead I’m playing Medieval Total War again while waiting for a Rome Total War mod to be finished.

Mr. T July 28, 2005 at 12:48am

You know - I have Medieval Total War with the Viking Invasion expansion and have only played it about 10 times. I enjoyed playing it but never got hooked into it like a RTS such as Age of Empires 2.

I think my plan is to possibly get Battlefield 2 (huge Battlefield 1942 fan here) to hold me over until D & D comes out.

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