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How was your summer?

August 30, 2007 at 12:37am By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den

I really don’t watch a lot of TV, but am looking forward to the fourth season of The Office in September. Yep - the preview trailer just came out.

This summer has been a TV wasteland, as it should be and normally is. The only good show that has been on has been Top Chef.

Back To Black

August 22, 2007 at 12:14am By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den


I have really enjoyed some of the retro-type, stax, motown and memphis-influenced stuff that has come out in recent years like I Am Shelby Lynne (one of my favorite albums of recent years) and The Greatest. How did I miss Back To Black when it came out this spring? A very enjoyable album indeed, and so far the one I have played the most this summer. Grab this one.

Nebraska in the News

August 21, 2007 at 10:22pm By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den

Besides a new episode of “Dog: Bounty Hunter” not much will be on the tube tonight. But a buddy of mine took on Lou Dobbs wannabe Glenn Beck and his minions in an interview about the latest immigration scam surfacing in Nebraska. Glenn’s program is scheduled to air tonight at around 6pm on headline news (and repeated at 8 and 11 so you can enjoy Glenn’s wisdom three times a day). Will be interesting to see what they will actually show.

The Bourne Ultimatum

August 4, 2007 at 1:02am By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den


I have to say, not only is this one of the best spy/thriller/action movies I have seen in a few years, but it may be THE best spy/thriller/action movie I have ever seen. The only problem was that the opening segment was pretty flat, but after that this movie moved into high gear and stayed that way until the end. The Bourne Ultimatum also has the most exciting walking chase scene since The French Connection, if not better. Clearly, in a battle between Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt, they would have to bring in a CSI team to identify Hunt’s tattered remains.

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