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And the Culture Wars continue…

April 23, 2005 at 5:37pm By: Mr. T Posted in Mr. T's Den

A lot of C-Span junkies and political blog readers have been following the ongoing controversies over Harvard President Larry Summers. A generally supportive article about him can be found here.

In anycase, looks like the latest round in the culture wars to come out of our favorite ivy league institution is the initiation of a new, completely online journal called the Harvard Journal of the Legal Left.  Looking at some of the articles from its first issue…well, lets just say that its obvious they didn’t have many submissions to choose from… I mean that in a constructive way of course. It looks like a mish mash of commentary on critical theory (generally good), politics (good or bad depends on your view), and a few random musings on life and the law school experience by various writers (again could be good or bad depending on your view, but what the hell is it doing in a law journal?!).

Most striking about this is how absolutely blatantly political this journal is. I can’t think of any other law journal out there, of the hundreds that are out there, which is so blatant in its political stance. As any former law review editor knows, law reviews are radically moderate and eschew both right and left wing politics. Although there are a handful of critical theory journals out there, I can’t think of any which even come close to this new harvard rag.

It will be interesting to see how this one develops. I’m all about supporting new ideas and thinking outside of the box etc., but I sincerely hope that the journal finds some sort of identity, and I think it probably will in the next few issues. In anycase, I better get started on a new article for these guys before it gets discovered. If the qual

ity of some of the articles in the inaugural issue are any indication, ANYTHING will get published by these guys. And having a Harvard Law School publication on your resume is a good thing.

PS this is not a bash.

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