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Men vs. Women

February 20, 2010 at 8:54pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

No this blog is not to debate on if the current Husker women’s basketball team could beat the men’s team.  But its about the popularity of each program.  I was lucky enough to go to the Husker women’s basketball game on the 17th (60-50 over Iowa State).  I decided I needed to see this team live at least once before the end of the year for many of the reasons as I’ve said in previous blogs.  This is a team that needs to be seen, because seasons like this don’t just come around very often.  I walked up an hour before tip-off and got a GA seat for $5 bucks.  I had no trouble finding a seat in the first row of the C section right behind one of the baskets.  For the womens games, GA is above row 19 in the C section on the sidelines and all of the C sections in the corners and behind the baskets.

Wednesday’s game drew just a tad over 10k and honestly I was a bit disappointed at the time.  After seeing today’s attendance (12747) it seems that it was the result of the weekday.  But what prompted this blog was a comment a lady next to me said during pregame.  She asked me how big Devaney was, I said 13500-14000. (Actual capacity 13595) But the lady then said something very interesting.  She said “You know its sad, this team is 23-0 (at the time) and we can’t get them on TV, but they follow the men’s team down to Manhattan to broadcast a terrible basketball team.”  Not really wanting to get into an argument with her I said, “Well its all about money” And then she said something else, “No, because if it was about money we’d have these girls on TV.”  I shrugged my shoulders and let it end there.

Had I continued the conversation with her, I would have posed this question to her: “Think about this, if the men’s team was 23 and 0, ranked #3 in the nation and playing the #3 team in the nation…could you have got a general admission ticket to this game?” “Could you have sat in this seat for the mens game?”  “Could you have walked up to the ticket window and bought a $5 ticket an hour before the game?”  “Would you have been able to get a ticket even a week before this game?”  My point would have been, had the mens team been in the situation that the women are in right now, you couldn’t FIND a ticket because this place would be jammed packed.  And here we are, and the arena is only three-fourths full.  Why is that?

Nebraska vs. Ohio State

February 14, 2010 at 9:43pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

They have faced each other twice on the football field in 1955 and 1956.  Ohio State won both matchups but Nebraska could get a chance to even things up.  It shouldn’t be news that the Big 10 is looking to expand to 12 teams (They currently have 11) and there have been several schools that have been rumored to be the 12th team.  We’ve heard the obvious choice of Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Missouri and lately Texas.  But what about Nebraska?  Dr. Tom had an interview with LJS’ Steve Sipple about the Big 10 expansion and if Nebraska is involved in those talks.  Osborne said that Nebraska has had no discussions with the Big 10 about joining the conference.  Jim Delaney, commissioner of the Big 10, also has said that he has had no contact with any schools about joining the conference.  But what Tom did say is that if the Big 10 came calling, they would listen.  The Big 10 adding a team from the Big 12 would create a huge shift in the college football landscape.  Losing Texas or Nebraska would be a huge blow to the Big 12 and I wonder if they could recover.

What would that mean for Nebraska sports?  Lets take a look.  In football Nebraska would immediately fall into that #2 or #3 team in the conference and could compete annually for a Rose Bowl birth.  In volleyball, Nebraska’s competition gets considerably harder.  Penn State, Minnesota, Ohio State would be an upgrade over the Big 12.  In mens basketball, it would probably be hard to get worse than the Big 12 but it does.  Michigan State, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin, are a killer run to go through.  Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota are not there right now but are no cupcakes.  In womens basketball, Nebraska would certainly be there with the best of the Big 10, the Big 12 is a much better conference.  In baseball, Nebraska would absolutely vault to the top of the Big 10 standings. The Big 10 is not great conference for baseball and could compete for Big 10 titles annually.  In softball, Nebraska would definitely be in the top 4 in the conference.  In wrestling, it would be a push.  Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio State are just as good as Big 12 competition.  Nebraska does not compete in a couple of Big 10 sponsored sports. Hockey being the top sport.

The biggest boost to Nebraska though would be the TV exposure.  The Big 12 TV contract is less than to be desired but the Big 10 contract is a great one, including their own network, the Big 10 network.  Nebraska instantly would get every single one of their football games televised and more television appearances in every sport.  The Big 10 network would also instantly get a ton of more exposure in Nebraska.

Nebraska is probably the most likely candidate from the Big 12 if you ask me.  Texas just doesn’t make sense.  Not only geographically, but Texas already runs the Big 12 and they would not want to lose their many rivalries they have in the South division.  I just don’t see it happening.  Missouri just isn’t a big enough name to go to the Big 10.  Missouri may want to, but the Big 10 can get a better team.  Will it happen?  Probably not but like T.O said, they’re willing to listen.

The road can be a scary place

February 14, 2010 at 6:48am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Nebraska was put into a position it had never been this season.  Behind.  Twice.  The last two road game were both a cardiologists dream as both games saw the 23-0 Nebraska women’s basketball team trailing in the late stages of games.  With the average margin of victory hovering somewhere around 20 points in their first 21 games, victories of seven and four points respectively caused some tense moments.  On the 10th, Nebraska traveled to Kansas and trailed by 5 points with 8 minutes left.  Now that might not sound like a lot but I doubt they had trailed by that much at any point in the 2nd half during any of their previous games.  Nebraska rallied for a 67-60 win for win number 22.  But it was Saturday’s game that proved to be the closest one yet.  In Columbia, Missouri, the Huskers trailed by 6 points with only 3 minutes remaining.  And only got the lead for good with less than 43 seconds to play and squeaked out a 82-78 victory.  This game might be of most concern because Missouri has only one win in the conference (good for last place) and 11 overall this year.  But Nebraska moved to 23-0 (which tied a school record for wins in a year) on the year and still one of two teams that are still undefeated late in the college basketball year (Connecticut being the other).

In the latest polls (released the 8th and 9th) Nebraska eeked ahead of Notre Dame in the AP poll good for the #3 spot in that poll and is only two votes shy of #3 Notre Dame in the coaches poll.  I’m guessing some of you people are wondering why a undefeated Nebraska is still behind one loss Stanford and Notre Dame.  Well, both of Stanford;s and Notre Dame’s losses have come at the hands of the consensus #1 UConn.  Notre Dame will still have to play UConn one more time this year in Big East regular season play and also very conceivably in the Big East tournament.  And make no mistake about this folks, Connecticut is the lead dog in this race, and there really isn’t a question.

Nebraska’s next opponent will provide another challenge but it is in the friendly confines of the Bob.  Iowa State is #17 in the latest rankings and comes to Lincoln on Wednesday.  Nebraska defeated the Cyclones 57-49 in their first meeting.  Colorado comes to town on the 20th.  Again I encourage people to come out and see this great team.

If you win, they will come

February 7, 2010 at 4:56am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

The secret is out apparently about the Nebraska woman’s basketball team.  Drawing their THIRD STRAIGHT crowd of over 10,000…they hold off a late charge and down the #10 & 12 Texas A&M Aggies 71-60.

Seriously, when is the last time the mens team drew 10,000+ at 3 straight games?

We’ve all heard the saying that everybody likes a winner, and that holds just as true at Nebraska.  We’ve seen it in baseball and early 90’s in basketball around here, the fans come out and come out in droves to watch good teams.  If anybody remembers how quickly people came out to watch the baseball team in 99, you’ll know that every Nebraska fan is clamoring for a team to develop into a big thing.  I’ll never forget standing behind home plate in 1999 on a late march day watching Nebraska sweep Texas. I was standing behind the plate because there were no seats to be had.  And for as much as people rag on Devaney (me included) I’ve heard nothing but great things about the BDSC in Nebraska’s heyday in the early 90’s and how it was such a great place to see a game. 

Nebraska has now passed the toughest part of their schedule and halfway through the Big 12 schedule.  Of their remaining 8 games, 6 of them come against teams in the bottom half of the league.  The two remaining tests on the schedule comes first on Feb. 17th against Iowa State and then Feb 24th @ Oklahoma. 

Folks again, I encourage you to get out and watch this basketball teams.  A team like this does not come around very often and needs to be appreciated in the moment.

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