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The QB conundrum

April 20, 2009 at 11:18pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

For the first time in a while, there is some depth at the Nebraska QB position but why is it that people are still wary of what Nebraska has under center going into the fall season.  From all indications, Zach Lee is going to be the starter going into the fall season.  He preformed well in the glorified scrimmage last Saturday going 15-18 and 214 yards and 3 TD passes.  Hot shot freshman Cody Green was hit and miss going 8 for 15 and 81 yards.  Green’s strength will probably be his mobility which is always hampered in that glorified scrimmage.  The biggest surprise has to be quaterback turned linebacker turned quarterback Latravis Washington.  Washington, who played QB throughout HS but came to Nebraska as a LB, moved to QB after Patrick Witt decided to leave NU. Washington made the move only a couple of weeks ago and could maybe be a nice little wild card in the whole process.  Washington went 13 for 21, 190 yards and 2 TD’s.  Washington’s move was also prompted by Kody Spano’s knee injury that is going to sideline him for the summer and maybe some of the fall.  Before Spano went down, Nebraska felt pretty darn comfortable about its depth, even though there’s game inexperience everybody felt pretty good about things.  But now things have changed.  With Witt and Lee being the only true QB’s and Washington still probably not ready for D1 play at this point…the depth chart at QB could look like this (Lee, Green, Washington) or could some other names be in the mix.

Two people Robert Marve and Greg Paulus could be on campus next year as part of Nebraska football.  Robert Marve is a transfer from Miami who has starting experience who decided to leave Miami several months ago and still hasn’t decided on his next destination.  Marve will have to sit out a year but would have two years of eligibility in ‘10 and ‘11.  He has expressed interest in NU and could be a nice red shirt player for NU this year.

The other potential QB is Greg Paulus. He may not be a big name but he certainly has big game experience. Greg Paulus was a two sports star coming out of HS and decided to play basketball…at a place called Duke. Paulus for some reason has a year left of eligibility.  Paulus, who started at PG for the Blue Devils for his first 3 years, fell out of favor his senior year and because of that has one year of college eligibility and since he won’t be playing in the NBA any time soon has decided to try his hand at football.  Paulus can play immediately but only for one year. NU has talked with Paulus and seems to be interested.  If Greg wants any shot at playing in the NFL he needs game experience so he needs to play right away. Can he get that at a place like Nebraska?  Can he unseat both Zach Lee and Cody Green?  And only in a few short months before fall camp?  And not playing organized football since his senior year in HS?

Nebraska’s QB situation could stay exactly the way it is…or it could be dramatically different come next fall.

State Volleyball goes west

April 4, 2009 at 5:26am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

In the first major move by the NSAA since the wrestling tournament went to Omaha, the state volleyball tournament will end a 29 year run in Lincoln this fall when the 2010 and 2011 state volleyball tournament will move to Kearney.  According to quotes in the LJS article people feel the NSAA moving the volleyball tournament sends a clear message that the city of Lincoln needs to build an arena and that Pershing just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Following the board’s vote, York Superintendent Terry Kenealy described Pershing as “an old facility” and said the NSAA has heard from schools that “don’t want to play there.”

This is a massive blow to the city of Lincoln. The economic impact is going to be felt right away. State VB falls right at the end of the calendar year when stores are counting on those sales to finish off the year.  If the NSAA were to ever decide to move basketball (which is the next step) it would be a big loss for the city. 

Can the city sit idly by while the NSAA picks off these events one by one and sends them else where?  Or is not building a new arena THAT important?

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