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Friday Five (Super Bowl XLIII version)

January 30, 2009 at 6:40am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Since the Super Bowl is this Sunday I thought I would bring back the Friday Five with a football feel.  Today I’m going to give you 5 prop bets that you can actually bet on for Sunday’s big game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.  We’ll tally up how many you get right on Monday.

1) Coin will land: Heads or Tails?

2) Who will win the coin toss: Cardinals or Steelers?

3) Total number of punts by both teams: Over or Under 9 1/2?

4) Who scores first: Cardinals or Steelers?

5) Largest lead of the game: Over or Under 14 1/2?

And finally as a bonus question:

Prediction (w/ score):

The trials and tribulations of a Nebraska basketball fan

January 30, 2009 at 5:07am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Hi, my name is D.M.B and I am a Nebraska basketball fan.


Arena in limbo (sports POV)

January 14, 2009 at 11:24pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

I thought I’d approach the arena issue from a sports point of view.

While what Mr. Wilson said was true, delaying the vote on the arena was necessary, that still does leave Lincoln without a sorely needed arena.  Mayor Buetler said its a must and while, again, Mr. Wilson is correct in saying that it isn’t a must, it is needed.  Pershing doesn’t seem to be exciting many big acts (Omaha just announced Billy Joel/Elton John and Fleetwood Mac were coming), Devaney is close to being one of the worst basketball arena’s in the Big 12.  Its at least in the bottom 3.

So where does that leave the university?  Well, they have one of the worst basketball arena’s in the Big 12. They are the only school without practice facilities or plans for practice facilities.  The Omaha World Herald writes an article today about “Plan B” for the Bob Devaney Sports Center.  A $20 million dollar makeover that would add a brick exterior, skyboxes, preferred seating and other amenities to upgrade the aging facility.  Then more importantly, a $10 million dollar basketball practice facility nearby.

So where would that leave the city facility?  Ever since the city decided that they were going to investigate the possibility of a basketball arena/convention center, I thought that the University had to be involved.  It would be a natural and much needed partnership.  If the university were to go their own route with a renovated Devaney, I seriously think that would put the city’s arena in jeopardy.  The arena would need a major tenant. And since the university is already a big part of the city it would make sense to have them at least be involved with the project.  A project now, that looks in jeopardy.

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