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The dawn of a NU era.

August 27, 2008 at 5:09pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Bo knows Nebraska.  Bo knows defense.  Bo knows motivation…

but does Bo know head coaching?

We’re going to find out here soon enough as Nebraska kicks off their 08 season against Western Michigan on Saturday.

People want this season to start, people need this season to start.  I’ve heard people say “I can’t remember being so excited about a season!”  Well…I can.  I can remember a couple Bill Callahan seasons that there was fever pitch excitement.  Remember all those recruits that we had coming in?  Remember this fancy new offense that was being implemented?  Remember this excitement that we had for the eminent return to glory that was Nebraska football?  Yeah…not so much.

I have found a couple things interesting though.  There have been a couple moves by Bo that don’t seem like a big deal…but we all know that anything and everything that has to do with Nebraska football is a big deal.

1) Bo wore a blue shirt to the press conference on Tuesday.  *GASP* I know…it was BLUE!  No Nebraska insignia ANYWHERE!  But wait…where is the anger?  Where is the call to arms to get our head coach to wear red/white?  WHY IS HIS SHIRT BLUE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Of course, I’m over reacting but Nebraska football fans should be used to that…they do it all the time.  But I seem to remember one certain coach of a previous era doing the same exact thing and the whole god damn state was up in arms.  I seem to remember Bill Callahan being asked questions…DURING HIS WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCE, about his attire.  Where is the uproar now?  I can hear it now: “Oh its Bo, it doesn’t matter.”  or: “He can wear whatever he wants, just as long as he wins games.”  Why the free pass for Bo and not for BC?  I don’t get the double standard.

2) Bo hasn’t handed out the blackshirts yet.  The iconic symbol of the starting defense that is a big piece of Nebraska tradition and source of pride is missing.  Now wait just a tick…I thought Bo was being brought in because he understands the tradition?  I thought that we were supposed to be getting back to our roots.  How can we get back to our roots if we don’t have the blackshirts?  Where is the outcry?  Instead of mobs forming outside of Memorial Stadium, people are letting it be…in fact, they’re actually embracing the idea.  “They should earn them!”  “Its a privilege, not a right!”  Heck, even Steve Sipple is on board.  He wrote a whole damn column on it.  Can you IMAGINE the outcry of the fans if Billy C had held the blackshirts back at the beginning of a season?  Talk shows would be flooded with calls, the athletic department would have been flooded with emails, columnists would have roasted him till he was burnt to a crisp.  But because its Bo…its ok.  Is that what I’m hearing?

No, this isn’t an anti-Bo blog.  Nor is it a pro-Callahan blog.  I’m glad BC and SP are gone.  I’m glad Bo and TO are here.  But how quick we are to forget everything that we were so mad at when BC was here, when Bo seems to be doing the same exact thing…well…because its Bo.  I guess my point is when things go wrong, and they’re more likely to go wrong than not, it doesn’t matter what your coach wears during the press conference, it doesn’t matter what color jersey they have on during practice, it doesn’t matter what the uniforms look like…its just a game.  If we win, great.  If we lose, so what.  Its just a game. 

“Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory.”

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