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March 18, 2008 at 10:48pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

-The Husker women qualified for the NCAA tournament as a #8 seed.  They’ll play #9 seed Xavier on Easter Sunday.  If they do win they’ll most likely play Maryland, one of the 4 #1 seeds.  I’m thinking NU exercises their tourney daemons from last year (losing the 8/9 matchup) and gets the W.  It’ll end there though…unless Maryland is upset by the #16 seed Coppin State on their home floor.  (Drop a little trivia for ya here, while no mens #16 seed has won a game in the big dance…one #16 team has won a womens tournament game.  Answer inside.)
-The Husker men picked up a #3 seed in the NIT tournament and will play Charlotte on Wednesday.  I can really see the Huskers going all the way to New York, and if they get some breaks there way, maybe win it all.
-The football team is getting in a bit of trouble off the field in Bo Pelini’s first year.  Andy Christiansen the big one.  This needs to be put to an end quickly.  Spring practice is about to begin.  Wake me up when the real season starts
-The baseball team, mired in several off the field incidents, has played VERY well so far this year.  The team traveled to Stanford to start out the year and came back 1-2.  And now they have reeled off 14 straight.  It hasn’t exactly been against the best competition.  But the huskers have picked up a 3 game sweep against Kansas State to open up big 12 play and got one today against Arkansas.  Against the modern day father of Nebraska baseball, Dave Van Horn who made his first return to Nebraska since leaving the program he built.


Where do we put these damn kids?

March 6, 2008 at 12:25am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Looks like Tom Osborne has made his first tough decision of his Athletic Department tenure.  (no, firing Bill Callahan and hiring Bo Pelini were not tough nor unexpected)

T.O. has decided to change the placement of the students in South Stadium.  He’s sliding the students up and giving everybody up top the bottom seats.  It was detailed in the DN (Daily Nebraskan) Tuesday.

Osborne stated the reason the change was made was because “students have a tendency to stand on their seats throughout the game, and it wasn’t fair for the season ticket holders who sat behind them.”  “We’re doing what we can to be fair,” Osborne said. “But I just have to tell you, people who buy a ticket are entitled to see a game, so it wasn’t happening. That’s why this move has been made.”

Is it just me, or is it a really bad idea to move the students AWAY from the field?  Nebraska already has one of the poorest student football seating in the Big 12.  I know for a fact that Missouri, Kansas St., Iowa State, and Kansas have much better seating for students than Nebraska does.  It was my understanding that Nebraska students once sat at the 50 yard line in East Stadium, now while I’m not condoning that they go back to that because I understand there is money to be made and those seats are money seats, but to move the students farther back into an even worse position?  Are we on a slippery slope here were the students might eventually get shut out?

I also find the complaint of the people behind the students that they were standing up the whole game very laughable as well.  I have been to many a football game and every other play there are people standing before a play or during a play which causes a ripple effect behind them.  Hell, I’d say half of a good game at Memorial is spent standing up and sitting down.  If you’re not willing to stand up at a football game, then don’t go.  Watch it at home.

Now, I’m of the younger generation and the blue hairs are going to win out every time because they got what counts most…the green.  But am I way off basis here?

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