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5 more years…

July 30, 2007 at 5:49pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

Unlike one certain unlikeable figurehead who’s time is running out to be in charge, another “head of state” was given an extension on how long he is in power.  Steve Pederson was given a 5 year contract extension by Harvey Perlman last week that will keep the divisive figure as Nebraska athletics head honcho until 2013. I waited a while on the blog because I wanted to gage the pulse of Husker Nation in the most credible sources out there…fan message boards (insert rim shot here).

And to my astonishment, it seems that the majority of Nebraskan’s favor the extension.  It is definitely quite a shift from that November day, as Nebraska was retiring Bob Browns number and when Steve Pederson stepped to the mic and was roundly met with 76,000+ boos.

What say you?

40 days and counting

July 23, 2007 at 3:39pm By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

It has been far too long since my last blog so I thought since I got some free time, I’d do one.

We are 40 days away from the “lid-lifter” (as Jim Rose would put it) of the 07-08 college football season for Nebraska.  Nevada comes to town Sept. 1st.  This will not be an easy season for the Big Red.  A very very difficult non-conference schedule and our two key conference games on the road (Mizzou and Tex-ass).

Lets first start with the rankings.  I’ve seen anywhere from 15-18 as the Huskers starting point for the season.  The polls have yet to come out but all the preseason publications have put the huskers in the low teens to start the year.  More importantly and closer to home, the big 12 media has picked NU to finish 2nd in the Big 12 North to Missouri.  Missouri, who returns 15 starters, and experienced QB Chase Daniel are the picks over NU, their young backfield, and depleted defensive line.  Oh yeah…we also have a QB battle with Joe Ganz and Sam Keller.  Keller, of course, the bally-hooed transfer from ASU hasn’t seen the field in quite some time.  True he burned it up in the Pac “we don’t play any defense” 10 but why oh why didn’t he keep his job?  Now I didn’t expect Coach C to name a starter this early and he won’t name a starter till probably the Tuesday before the game.  The huskers are putting all their eggs into this basket by bringing in Keller.  The Huskers want a Big 12 championship and a BCS game this year, they need one.

The non-con is laced with potential pitfalls.  Nevada (8-5 and qualified for the MPC computers bowl and narrowly lost to Thug U.), @ Wake Forrest (11-3 and a surprising ACC championship and narrowly losing to Louisville in the Orange Bowl) and Ball St. which should be the easiest of the 4.

Oh yeah…I forgot…USC.  This is the game that Nebraska has been waiting for for a long time.  Not since 1998 has a top 10 team (Washington) visited Lincoln in the non conference and there hasn’t been a top 25 team since Notre Dame in 2001.  And even then that ND team was no problem for the Big Red.  But do you all remember that atmosphere for the ND game?  It all started with the record attendance at ESPN college gameday, the Red Out and the ND fumble on what…the first play?  2nd?  The atmosphere on that day was one that I will never forget.  The USC game…has the potential to be even greater than that.  All the pieces are in place for NU to pull off the upset.  The eyes of the college football nation will be on Lincoln that day.  Night game, ABC, ESPN gameday in town.  All the makings…But will NU come through?  Just like Nebraska of the 90’s, USC doesn’t rebuild, they reload.  And oh boy are they loaded.  USC went 11-2 last year, drilled Michigan in the Rose Bowl, and probably return a preseason Heisman candidate in John David Booty.  Sure they lost WR Dwayne Jarret who drilled Nebraska last year, sure they lost WR Steve Smith who drilled Nebraska last year but by no means are they going to have a dip in talent.  Nebraska played it very very very VERY conservatively last year at USC and by in large I agreed with that strategy.  But there is no way that they can implore that same strategy when the Men of Troy come calling September 15th.  This game is the first true measuring stick of BC’s “rebuild Nebraska” project.  Put a poor showing on the field in front of a national audience and we’re no closer to national prominence than we were two years ago.  Play with USC from kickoff to the final gun, win or lose, Nebraska will be on the right track.  In some ways, this game might mean more than a Big 12 championship.  This game will shape Nebraska’s national image for another couple of years.  And with Billy C’s contract due up for negotiation very soon, this is a very very very important game for the well being of Nebraska.

More on Nebraska in the coming days.

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