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January 5, 2010 at 2:35pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

I think it’s the cold weather. Whatever the cause, I’ve had food on the brain a lot lately. And since I’ve been cooped up inside more than usual these past two months, I’ve lost track of what’s going on around Lincoln’s food scene. How ‘bout we catch up?

The only buzz I’ve heard lately is that the Mexican restaurant inside the gas station at 16th and Old Cheney has closed. I’ve tried to think of the name of that place for two days now, but no luck so far. Anyway, if that rumor is true, I’m sad to see that place go. I didn’t go there often, but I loved talking with the owner when I ate there. The good news is that I’ve heard the replacement is a cheese steak joint. I love a good cheese steak. Can anybody confirm that (a) the Mexican place is closed, and (b) that a cheese steak place is going to replace it?

There’s been lots of buzz about Granite City lately—and not good buzz. Last Wednesday The Missus, Robbie, and I went to GC for supper. First the good news: the food was great. A solid B+, I’d say. But that was the only good thing I can say about our experience. The service was terrible. The food took well over 30 minutes to come out of the kitchen; servers were clueless; one poor gal tried to deliver food to the wrong table three times; and so on. It was bad enough that the manager came over to our table unprompted and apologized. That would have been fine, but he didn’t actually offer to do anything about it. He just stuttered and stumbled a lot, hung his head low, and ... left. No “What can I do to fix this?”. No “Here’s some free food”. No “Here’s a gift certificate so we can get it right next time”. But that was just our experience. Since then, I have heard from two other people who had nearly identical experiences within two weeks of our visit. This wasn’t a one-off deal as I had hoped. It appears there’s something bigger going on. I’m inclined to call it a management failure.

A rumor a while back had Five Guys coming to Lincoln soon. I sure hope so. Ever since I ate at the Omaha location a couple months ago I’ve been craving their burgers and fries. I don’t normally crave burgers or fries. Five Guys hooked me.

That’s all the buzz I’ve got for now. Slim, I know, but like I said, I haven’t left the house much over the past couple months thanks to a busy work schedule and some home improvement projects. What’s the latest food buzz from you folks?

Drunker Than We Used To Be II

January 5, 2010 at 2:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

Although we didn’t keep up with the breakneck pace from the first half of the year, Lincoln still set a record for drunk driving arrests this year. In fact, generally speaking the number of DUI arrests increased fairly substantially throughout the past decade.

DUI is one of those crimes I don’t fully understand. With just a little preparation and/or willpower, it’s a mostly preventable offense. And it’s not like ignorance of the law is a factor; advertising is saturated with anti-DUI messages. Everybody knows the potential consequences of driving while impaired.

Regardless of the reasons for the climb in DUI arrest rates, it’s a trend I would love to see be reversed. Preferably the pressure to reverse the trend would come from society itself changing its attitudes about alcohol, not from cops or politicians. A guy can hope.

I Admit It: I Was Wrong

January 4, 2010 at 2:00pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

It has been said that it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. In this case, it just took a very cold, snow-covered man.

Every fall I try to predict what sort of weather we’re going to have during the winter. I keep it pretty simple, typically going for simple, broad adjectives like “warm”, “cold”, “snowy”, or “dry”. This past fall I made a prediction about the upcoming winter. I said it would be the winter without winter, part of a longer year without seasons. Remember how much of summer was surprisingly pleasant? That’s what I expected for winter.


We’ve only been in winter for a month and already we’re above the typical winter average for snowfall. And how ‘bout those temperatures? Forty degrees is starting to sound like something you’d find in the Sahara. And wind chills? Try 35 below later this week according to some predictions.

Lesson learned: Don’t get your weather forecasting from Mr. Wilson. Here’s hoping everybody’s furnaces, snow blowers, and backs survive the winter.

Happy Husker Holiday

January 2, 2010 at 7:50am By: D.M.B. Posted in D.M.B. Sports Report

What team was that?  I should say, what offensive team was that?  Nebraska ran all over Arizona with an easy 33-0 win in the Holiday Bowl.  Did Mike Leech get a one game contract and wear a Shawn Watson mask as our Offensive Coordinator?  Whatever it was, I liked it.

It was a good season for Nebraska, we had a couple opportunities to be much better than our record indicates.  But if you asked a Husker fan before this season would they take B12 North champs and 10 wins, I’d think you’d get a resounding yes from most everybody.  Yes Nebraska was damn close to being in a BCS game (:01) a last second loss to Virginia Tech and a poorly played Iowa State game away from actually being in the national title discussion.  And here’s a shocker, expectations will be very high next year.  I know…who would have thunk it at Nebraska.

The schedule sets up PERFECTLY for Nebraska next year.  The non-conference is as weak as ever.  Western Kentucky, Idaho and South Dakota St. all at home with a trip to Washington. Washington is a tricky team to figure out.  They were 5-7 this year but had quality wins over USC and California and several close losses (by 8 vs. LSU, by 7 to Notre Dame in OT, by 7 to Arizona State and by 1 to Oregon State)  And they have an above average QB (Jake Locker) who was going to be a high draft pick in this years NFL draft had he decided to leave early.  The conference schedule sets up nicely for Nebraska too.  As far as the North is concerned both key games are at home (Mizzou and Kansas).  Mizzou will be improved this year with Gabbert and Kansas could be good with Turner now at the helm, but Nebraska is the clear cut favorite next year.  As for the South opponents, Texas comes to town and very little motivation will be needed to win that game.  Plus, how far do the Longhorns fall off without McCoy at the helm?  Texas is ripe for the picking.  Road games against OSU and aTm aren’t easy but should be winnable.  OU isn’t on the schedule but could be a B12CG opponent and they’re losing a lot and Landry Jones isn’t half the QB that Sam Bradford is.

At first glance there are a lot of W’s on this schedule for Nebraska next year.  I don’t think a 10-2/11-1 regular season is out of the question next year. A birth in the B12CG is almost a necessity and it could be a very winnable game.  A BCS bowl birth (automatic or at-large) is a distinct possibility as well. 

As I said, expectations are high but if everything goes right, Bo Pelini in year 3 could back up his postgame Holiday Bowl comment of “Nebraska is back and here to stay” with a year that could put Nebraska back in the national title discussion.

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