Where in Lincoln is this?

January 18, 2010 at 3:26pm By: Mr. T Posted in The Lincolnite Blog




This was sort of a hard one but certainly not impossible by any means. It was the metal sculpture of the large praying mantis figure outside of the El Sitio restaurant, at 17th and Van Dorn. Why is there a metal praying mantis sculpture outside of El Sitio? Who knows, but it is very eye-catching. Good going Steve!

This means that if Steve correctly identifies the next Where in Lincoln photo, we will get him a pogocard.

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Steve January 18, 2010 at 4:00pm

El Sitio at 17th and Van Dorn?

avabee January 18, 2010 at 5:26pm

Damn!  Beat me to it.

Mike January 20, 2010 at 2:33pm

Nice job.

The was a story in the Journal star in December about the companion Grasshopper which disappeared.  http://journalstar.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/article_7de14d16-ef27-11de-bc0f-001cc4c03286.html

Mr. T January 21, 2010 at 2:57am

Thanks for digging that up Mike. Makes me wonder who took that grasshopper and why.

Mike January 21, 2010 at 4:13pm

Isn’t it obvious?  The sculpture was titled The Pray and Prey.

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