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November 9, 2005 at 8:37pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

Good news! Lincoln is now virtually crime-free! All of the murderers, rapists, burglars, robbers, and public urinators have been taken care of, so Police Chief Tom Casady wants to go after the next most severe threat to public safety: improperly registered vehicles parked on private property. Casady’s proposal isn’t exactly the end of civil liberties as we know them, but it does raise the question of how Casady knows that a given vehicle has actually been driven while improperly registered. My vehicle, for example, is parked in my driveway with improper license plates. (They expired in October; the new plates are sitting in the house, waiting ever-so-patiently to take their place on my car.) But my vehicle hasn’t been driven since October. In other words, I haven’t broken the law, nor do I plan to. Would Casady ticket me anyway, then place the burden of proof on me if I want to get the ticket rescinded in court, rather than keeping the burden of proof on the government, where it belongs?

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Cedric November 10, 2005 at 1:32am

Probably not, but in my case, I live by the Baptist church. All of our parking is angled in, but still city parking. Anyone can park here, whenever they want-its a pain, but the location is worth it. I have a minivan that my wife and I bought in August-when gas spiked we looked at moving to save money and moved into Lincoln at the end of August-out extra money was deposit, rent, moving, etc, not sales tax on the vehicle. So here it sits, while I drive our other car which is properly licensed.

I have to wonder, in MY case, since it never moves, would his highness Chief Cassady have my van ticketed for no registration? Ive actually seen the parking nazi for Lincoln in their little SUV down around here as far as about g/h street…what the F are they doing clear down here? Arent there enought meters for them to gouge people on downtown? I have no choice in parking, either-so when a temporary No Parking sign is erected for all of 12th street from my block arond past the Rec Center for line painting I had to move my van-now ive driven it…I didnt get a ticket, but I was sort of upset-one day notice to not park. Where are all of us supposed to park then?

Okay. Im done.

Cedric November 10, 2005 at 1:43am

of course, he can’t possibly enforce this-his officers are too busy citing for assault when some asshat 12 year old with a Navy mouth is in the Starship theater yelling at her friend or little brother and a 29 year old ADULT tells them to knock it off. The little snit gets in said ADULTS face and begins cussing some more-so when ADULT puts out hands, distancing herself from this little waste of biology and touches her, the little snit runs outside and FLAGS DOWN AN OFFICER!! Since when can minors have citations filed on their request without a parent or guardian? WTF? It happened the other day and we’re all waiting with baited breath while my friends attorney and State of Nebraska ombusman look into it. I REALLY hope the DA or parents try to take this one on…I would pay money to see it, but since I pay taxes here, I already have.

Mr. T November 10, 2005 at 4:51pm

Interesting development although not surprising from a purely legal perspective (see encroachment on 4th amendment in war on crime during Rehnquist Court). From a policy perspective, it does make me wonder how hard up the city is for cash to bust people for improper registrations.

Having said that, I admit to also having been caught in violation of some of the city’s parking ordinances. Both working and living in downtown, I often have no reason to drive for a day or two or even longer in some cases. I’ve gotten busted I believe 3-4 times now for keeping your car stationary on public streets for longer than 24 hours, which is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I can understand a week and maybe even 3 days - but 24 hours? What if you are sick or elderly? Anyway my last experience was when they got me once for 2 consecutive “not driving in 24 hour” violations, failing to pay a ticket, and improper registration too (all within one week) and towed it.

The cops know when you don’t drive by chalking the tire(s) on your car.

Parking Nazi Supporter August 22, 2006 at 7:43pm

I think the 24 parking limit is fantastic in residential areas.  I live in a nice neighborhood that has an influx of snotty nosed Univerity brats pooling their money to rent houses - talk about a parking mess! 

You ever try getting your car in/out of your own damn driveway when it’s blocked in on either side of your own driveway and then across the street?!?!?! 

Since the police rarely do anyting about parties in residential neighborhoods because mommy/daddy’s little darlings are a cash cows for the city - I support the 24 parking limit - just to get some payback on those little !#@!$% who believe their crap doesn’t stink! 

I can’t wait til they spend good money buying a house, only to have some @#$!!@  move in 2, 3, or 4 years later and cause all sorts of parking problems. 

You know what it’s like to come home after work and see some snit park their car in their front yard - only to make some execuse when the cops show up - then the cops walk about?!?!?!

If you try things the nice way by asking nicely to be more respectful of their neighbors - they think you’re an idiot and ignore you. 

Personally, I think there should be more restrictions on parking in residential areas and public places. 

People think they can park anywhere for however long they want, well, it’s public propterty - share the street bud - don’t think it’s your own little piece of heaven for you to hog - give some other folks a chance to use it.

If you don’t agree - then buy a nice house and someday you too can have some mental real estate investor buy the homes around your neighborhood - see how fast you change your tune when you have to deal with these brats and their parking…

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