Oops! Guess We Shouldn’t Have Killed You!

March 29, 2005 at 7:41pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

Is it just me, or is the announcement that Michael Schiavo will permit an autopsy on Terri a little weird? It’s great that he is willing to prove to the world that he is correct. I admire his openness. He doesn’t have to allow an autopsy before she is cremated. But an autopsy—by definition performed after Terri is dead—seems like an awfully lame way to prove that Terri is truly a vegetable. Michael Schiavo has refused to authorize a number of tests that could be done on Terri while she is alive to determine the level of her brain activity. What is he going to say if she is proven to have been semi-conscious this whole time? “Oops?!”

If he really wanted to prove to the world—and, more importantly, to Terri’s family—that she has virtually zero brain activity, wouldn’t a full list of brain scans, oh, 8 years ago have been a great idea?

[Update]I just discovered that Terri did, in fact, have a full MRI back in 1990.

“7/24/1990—MRI Report Dr. Pinkston. profound atrophy w/ very atrophic appearing cortex. Mild white matter disease, anoxic/hypoxic injury.”

I had been led to believe that, although a few basic brain scans were performed,  MRIs and advanced tests were not performed. I seem to have been misinformed about the full extent of the tests completed to date. In that light, an autopsy isn’t nearly as ironic, and the point of my original post is pretty much deflated.[/update]

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