Is a Tax Increase Really a Surprise?

May 18, 2011 at 12:50pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

Deena Winter has pointed out that a local tax increase is all but certain in the very near future. What surprised me about her piece is that she suggests this will surprise some people, the LIBA crowd in particular.


I have a difficult time understanding how anybody who has paid any attention at all to Lincoln’s budget situation over the past few years could possibly be surprised by a potential tax increase. The writing has been on the wall for at least a year. If any of Beutler’s supporters are or were blind to that, shame on them!

Ms. Winter notes that the City budget was all but a non-issue during the recent election. She’s right, but don’t blame Chris Beutler for not bringing it up. It’s unsurprising that he would keep it as quiet as possible—any incumbent would do the same. Rather, it’s a testament to just how incompetent the Buffington campaign was that they couldn’t or wouldn’t make hay out of the issue. City Council candidates could have done a better job with it as well. And local media. And, well, all of us voters.

I don’t know if folks just don’t care, or if we’ve just resigned ourselves to the fact that it’s going to happen, or what. We’ve played this game for a few years now, after all. Perhaps budget fatigue has set in. Some of the cuts being threatened have been threatened many times. Are the villagers tired of Little Boy Beutler crying wolf?

Where do you fit into this picture? How about your family and friends?

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