Go Gary Walker, Go!

August 26, 2005 at 2:25pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

I really respect Gary Walker. He’s the owner of the freedom flyer, a large bus that sits outside the Hi-Way Diner on Highway 2. The bus serves as the Hi-Way Diner’s “unofficial” smoking section, since paternalistic Lincolnites have decided that smoking in restaurants is evil. Unfortunately, the bus runs afoul of another law that restricts using recreational vehicles to supplement a business. (I don’t get it either.) Mr. Walker is fighting the issue all the way through—which probably means he’ll end up in jail for a couple days.

There is good news in all of this. Apparently the City of Lincoln is now nearly crime free! It must be, or else why would Lincoln’s prosecutorial community be spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to press such a tiny issue?

Anyway, good for Gary Walker for standing up to an unjust law. Most anti-smoking ban types in Lincoln just sat back and whined (paging Bob Ihrig), while Mr. Walker actually got creative. Good for him!

As an aside, has anybody eaten at the Hi-Way Diner recently? Has the joint cleaned up at all? The last time I was there—probably a half-dozen years ago or more—it was a tad on the icky side. I’m all for character in my local diners, but the Hi-Way Diner had character literally crawling in the carpets.

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Abe of Lincoln August 29, 2005 at 5:37am

I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten at the Hi-Way Diner. IIRC, I suggested it one time to Mrs. Abe as we drove by, and it was vetoed. Good luck to him in fighting the smoking ban. I don’t smoke and don’t like to be around it, but I voted against the ban.

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