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January 26, 2007 at 1:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

As I watch the sun rise on another beautiful day in Lincoln, I’ve begun to think about 2007 and all the things that might happen this year. And so that forms the background for today’s Friday Five. Here are five questions about the remainder of 2007. What are your answers?

  1. The Star Ship 9 has fallen. Is there enough developer interest to give us the much-hyped 25-story high-rise? Or will we get something less?
  2. Lincolnites love to complain about the weather. Will the groundhog see his shadow next week?
  3. Who will be the next mayor of Lincoln?
  4. Over at the Capitol, a statewide smoking ban is being debated. Will Senators pass the ban before the session ends?
  5. How ‘bout them Huskers? Where will the Husker basketball, baseball, softball, football, and volleyball teams end up this year?

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Fletch January 26, 2007 at 3:05pm

OK, I’ll play…

1) I don’t think it will happen as proposed. It would have had a higher liklihood if someone was wanting to build or move something here, but that’s a big project to go all Field of Dreams (you know, build it, they will come). I think it will be LESS.

2) Yes, he’ll see the shadow. I predict a mild February, and a couple of big storms in March.

3) I think Beutler has the name recognition, and so far has done a better job of stating his position. I think he wins, and for extra credit, he picks his own fire chief. Roger Yant goes back to the letters to the editor and his businesses.

4) I don’t think the ban will pass, or if it does, it will be a watered-down version.

5) Huskers—this current men’s team will make the NIT and win a game. The women will make the NCAA, and win a game. Baseball will have a good season, but lose in the regionals, keeping them from Omaha. Volleyball will make it to the final four, and will come close to a repeat, but no cigar. The football team will be in a BCS bowl game.

D.M.B. January 27, 2007 at 1:00am

Husker Mens Basketball- A promising start to the year is inevitably not going to end as promising as it started.  I predict one win in the Big 12 conf. tourney.  2 NIT wins as well.

Husker Womens Basketball- A promising start to the year will continue through out the year.  I predict a semifinal birth in the Big 12 tourney and 2 wins in the NCAA tournament.

Husker Baseball- Last years pitiful end to the season is bringing up a lot of questions in Husker land.  Outside of the program, people are projecting Nebraska to be in the top 8-16 nationally.  Regular season will be a 3rd place finish, a finals birth in the tournament.  A regional at home that we don’t suck and win.  But a road loss in the Super Regionals.

Husker Softball- Unfortunately for the Husker softball team they will never be good enough to consider a lock for the WCWS.  And unless they host a regional/super regional I don’t see them getting to the WCWS.  Even though they are fringe top 10 material I don’t think they will make it out of the regionals.

Volleyball- this SAME exact scenario played out in 2000 and 2001.  2000, Nebraska was coming off an undefeated season and a national championship without their best player.  Same thing happened in 2006 except no undefeated season but still a national championship.  What will 2007 bring when they will have the last two national players of the year on the court? (Houtelling and Pavan) I’m afraid it will be just like the 01 season.  A final four birth but no repeat national title.  (god god ladies prove me wrong)

Football- the enigma that is Nebraska football.  For as much as he did for the program Zach Taylor couldn’t win the big game.  We now have a quarterback (Sam Keller) that can probably win the big game.  Problem, we only have him for one year.  Add on top of that our QB’s coach just left. (more on that in another blog)  The schedule is an enigma too.  Wake Forest when they were scheduled was awful, now they are coming off on of the programs greatest season and an orange bowl birth (oh yeah, its in Winston-Salem).  USC is at home and if you’re gonna beat USC, this is probably the year to do it.  Texas is on the road but how good are the Longhorns going to be?  Nebraska is obviously going to be the favorite again in the North but can they jump that hurdle and become Big 12 champs again?  I’m afraid its still a bit to early for that.  10-4 this year.  L’s to USC, Texas, another regular season L and either OU/Texas in the Big 12 championship game.  I predict a Holiday Bowl birth and a W there.

Book ‘em.

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