Extreme Indifference

May 3, 2005 at 2:35pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

Lincolnites go to the polls today. Well, a few of them will. Despite all the bitching about city government, don’t expect a record voter turnout today. A rundown of the top four City Council candidates:

  • Ken Svoboda Somehow this guy avoided taking any direct hits during the campaign. It’s not like he is blameless or anything, but he has managed to avoid having a target painted on his chest. That’s good and bad, I suppose. On the one hand it means nobody hates him. On the other, it means his name hasn’t been splashed around the media as much. Nevertheless, expect Ken to walk into another term on the council.
  • Terry Werner Often called “Lincoln’s Ernie Chambers,” Terry is a favorite punching bag for the political right in Lincoln. A fan of mass transit (yay!) and clogging council meetings with pointless discussions of national politics (boo!), he knows how to make friends and enemies. Despite—or perhaps because of—his quirks, Terry will waltz into another term on the council.
  • Robin Eschliman Ms. Eschliman has run a reasonable campaign, but she has a weakness: nobody really knows what she stands for. Well, we all know she stands for “families” and “community” and b.s. like that. But her core stances have been lost in the shuffle, in part because nobody hated her enough to challenge her directly.
  • Dan Marvin Dan will benefit greatly from becoming the target of the Nebraska Republican Party. For some reason the Nebraska GOPers thought it would be a great idea to make a series of ridiculous attacks against a guy who, left alone, would have finished solidly in fourth place tod ay. Instead, Marvin will receive a healthy dose of voter pity and he’ll squeak into the third and final council seat. Expect Marvin to make a toast to the Nebraska GOP during his acceptance speech tonight.

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